You know what you need to do, so why don’t you get on with it?

Because there’s familarity and comfort in resistance and procrastination.

You don’t need yet more information.

What you need is a place for accountability and someone in your corner.

What you need is a distraction free environment.

“People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures”

F.M. Alexander

I’ve created a simple place for the self employed, the business owner, the entrepreneur.

Regardless of industry or niche, you’re in the right place…at the right time.

More focus on the right things.

That focus results in more clients, more sales and more JOY.

Be the architect of your own life experience and step into grace and gumption.

Where Prosperity Meets Vital Impetus

So, with you in mind, I’ve created a low touch, high impact method of getting you further, faster with the results you crave.

Distraction free. Shiny object free.

The perfect complimentary support to your other

coaching, support and co-working activities.

The best part of self-employment: no one tells you what to do.

The hardest part of self-employment: no one tells you what to do

Ellie Perkins, copywriter

One thing to do each week that will take 15 minutes max.

No distractions from those working around you getting up and down to grab coffee.

No small talk or surface level chat holding you back from cracking on.

No wrangling public transport, packed motorways or parking to meet up with others, only to find out they got the wrong day anyway.

No Zoom calls, using up energy to look presentable or be over shadowed by the over talkers.

So exclusive that you won’t even know who else is in this oh so secretive mysterious magical world.

No meet ups, no groups to be distracted by tags or notifications, you’ve got plenty of other great networks and groups for that.

No modules or lessons and no logins to remember (only your email).

“I’m actually sitting greetin’ reading it [Prosperity weekly personalised report]. I feel seen and heard. I feel like my heart is about to explode. Good job I don’t have any mascara on today. I was feeling stagnant and stuck with business and life and needed that nudge into a different Quantum. Don’t underestimate how you can be supported virtually [via email]. Being self employed means I do fall out with my business now and again. This is the kick in the pants I needed”.

Prosperity is like doing a weekly vision board, on steroids! Cat doesn’t do once and done. She analyses my thoughts, emotional state, behaviours and vision on a weekly basis. That way I stay on track and my biggest wants and desires ACTUALLY come true. It’s not by chance that she’s in my corner supporting my quantum shifts.

’m still not sure what wizardry this is?! I answer four simple questions each week and yet, you send me 10 pages of pure magic!  Life changing insight that has quite literally changed me in ways I never thought possible. More fun, more joy, more money, more happy moments. I still can’t explain it to others lol.

All I know is that you call it common sense magic but this is the most unique level of support I’ve ever encountered and it’s genuinely turned me into a version of me I’m in love with. Are you in the ministry of magic Cat?

This is the first time I’ve bought a service without knowing the person and wow, Cat does not disappoint. To be honest I did think, am I being tempted by clever marketing that wouldn’t live up to my expectations but Cat’s intriguing secret society lives up to and beyond my expectations. I’d go so far as to say her sales page doesn’t do it justice, as to what she does for people inside Prosperity, but I now see why she keeps it compelling without sharing the full ‘what’ and goodness knows, I still don’t see the ‘how’ she does it either, and all via email! If you want real change, someone who walks their talk and knows their stuff in your corner, I can’t recommend Prosperity or Cat, more.

One weekly email from me to check-in, every week, for 12, 24 or 52 weeks. Your choice!

Coaching fundamentals and Kaizen at the foundation.

Yeah, the opportunity for a whole year to get clarity of thought!

Reply to four simple questions in the email, because thinking is the most powerful tool you can possibly have.

It helps you get what you want out of life.

It works!

Ten minutes each week.

I read every single persons email by Tuesday, and send you a personal reply.

Gives you structure to overcome every obstacle.

I know you won’t want to avoid emailing me

(sounds like a not-so thinly veiled threat – you’d be correct).

You have a lovely memoir of your year to track joy and progress.

A weekly analysis of your thoughts, words, how you let the joy creep in, cognitive biases at play, patterns of behaviour that you are perpetuating and holding you back, wonky thinking…all presented in a gorgeous personalised report and much much more.

Kaizen coaching at it’s heart.

  • 3 months Prosperity Accountability (12 wks of emails)
  • £450
  • split pay option available
  • 6 months Prosperity Accountability (24 wks of emails)
  • £900
  • split pay option available
  • 12 months Prosperity Accountability (52 wks of emails)
  • £1700
  • split pay option available

Personalised Prosperity Weekly Report

Analysis of your words uncovering patterns of behaviours that lead to OR hinder your performance, so you can set yourself up for success…every, single, time.

Your actions and choices today create what shows up tomorrow, next week, next month next year.

What new choices can you make today for future you?

A memoir of your transformation and clear to see progress, over your time inside of my secret society, Prosperity.

Side effects may include

  • Running mascara

  • Pure joy

  • A life filled with rapture

  • Smiling ear to ear

  • Funny looks from anyone not inside the Prosperity Secret Society

 Before you change the world, you need to make the changes in yourself, that can give you happiness and fulfillment.

Who do you need to become?

That’s it. That’s the agreement. Simplicity.

The All Important Details

The Sordid Topic of Coin (what’s it going to cost?):

This is currently the most budget friendly, accessible way to work with me, so, for specialised support and access to my brain in personal emails check out the table above.

[there’s only one of me so my personal capacity is limited,

until cloning becomes a thing].

What About Refunds

There are no refunds. You pay. I send you a weekly email, you answer the Q’s and I reply personally to every single one. That’s it!

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch. Simple accountability for however long suits you.

A way to get a taster of my knowledge, style, experience and expertise should you want to work with me on a 1:1 basis privately

[packages start at £2000 per month].

One simple email every week for 12, 24 or 52 weeks.

So, an email with just 4 questions?

Look, automated doesn’t mean void of personality or robotic.

You’ll get an amuse bouche of thought-provoking ponderings and sometimes a practical nugget.

My follow-up email will be personal and tailored to you.

No back and forth conversational emails (that’s what my private 1:1 is for).

What happens next?

Sign up. You’ll get a welcome email then an email every Friday for the duration of accountability you choose.

At the end, we’re done….unless you want to sign up again as it’s the most productive you’ve ever been.

A Secret Society?

Yep, yep, yep. That way there’s no distractions, shiny objects or notifications to divert your attention. Get personalised support from Cat without having to shout the loudest in a group Zoom.

The irony is not lost that even my secret society members can’t help but shout about it and reveal themselves (see testimonials that they insisted I use).

Can I cancel?

Why would you cancel before you’ve received all your emails?

Trust the process (see also, no refunds)

When does it start?

As soon as you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email.

If you sign up before Friday 6.30am UK time you’ll also get your first Friday accountability email.

If you sign up after Friday 6.30am UK time you’ll get your first Friday accountability email the following Friday.

What’s my part?

Reply to my email each Friday (delays in sending your reply may delay your report arriving the following week due to the numbers inside of my secret society – remember I don’t have a clone and every reply is 100% personalised to you).

Can I skip a week?

Got something lovely planned? Not going to be in the country? You can play your joker card and get one skip. 

Note, I might also skip weeks during holiday periods e.g. Christmas/New Year so that you get my full and undivided attention. I’ll let you know in advance if that’s coming up but you’ll still get your week, just pushed back.

Does this only work for business owners?

Honestly, it works for anyone. Most of my clients are fellow business owners because they make up the majority of my network. But if you if you have a job or career, work, don’t work and want someone in your corner to show you how to create more joy in your life, then it works for that too. Basically, every human can prosper.

I have a question not listed here?

Sure, email me at; and I’ll get back to you.

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